Mind the Gap

The Ideal

As a marketing professional, you’re expected to be a visionary. To see the big picture. To help your organization make strategic steps to a successful campaign.

The Reality

You can’t get there because you have to manage all the small stuff that gets in the way.

The Gap

The space between what you want to do and what you have to do.

Schuler Marketing Group was formed for one clear purpose: To help marketing professionals “Mind the Gap.” From communications planning and complete program management to meeting & event management and PR, we offer the complete spectrum of marketing services that free you to focus on the big picture — and make successful strides.

* * *

If you’ve said any of the following, you need Schuler Marketing Group:

“I need someone that can manage this marketing program for me. A virtual team member.”

“The sales meeting is in two months. Help!”

“We’re already stretched too thin — and interns don’t have the expertise I need.”

“I wish I could find someone that could step in and hit the ground running.”

“How can I do long-term planning when I have to get through all this stuff first?”

“I don’t have time to manage all the details and vendors for this program.”